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Radio & Records/Mediabase: Songs of the Year 1973-2023

Radio & Records/ Mediabase: Songs of the Year


Radio & Records was an independent trade publication which published a weekly pop songs chart as a competitor to Billboard magazine. It ran from October 3, 1973 to August 4, 2006, when it was taken over by Mediabase, who has continued the chart to present day.

All songs to hit #1 during that period have been sorted by most weeks atop the chart. Ties were broken based on songs’ overall points in Dave’s Music Database. Here then are the top songs each year from 1973 to present according to Radio & Records/Mediabase. You can also see a list of the chart’s all-time songs here.

Note: the year reflects when the song was first released, not necessarily the year it hit #1.

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First posted 3/27/2020; last updated 2/1/2024.

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