Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Crew-Cuts Hit #1 with “Sh-Boom”: August 7, 1954

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In 1954, R&B music was gaining a foothold for white teen audiences. Nervous record companies weren’t comfortable promoting the original R&B songs, opting in many cases to record “sanitized” versions by white cover groups. One of the most successful examples was with The Crew-Cuts’ take on “Sh-Boom”, a song which has been called “the first rock and roll number 1 hit.” JA They topped the charts for 9 weeks.

However, in what was considered an “unprecedented achievement,” SJ the Chords’ original still went top 5 on the pop charts. They also went to #2 on the R&B charts and racked up one million airplays. Meanwhile, the Crew-Cuts went to #12 on the UK charts and sold one million copies.

Both songs make the cut in Dave’s Music Database’s list of the top 20 doo-wop songs of all time. The Chords, however, win out when it comes to which song has more acclaim, making the DMDB list of the top 1000 songs of the 20th century and getting inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

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  1. The Crew Cuts was a bad white copy of the classic Chords original. Crew Cuts version cannot even be considered Doo Wop.