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The Top 100 Doo-Wop Songs of All Time

First posted 2/26/2010; updated 3/14/2021.


Top 100 Songs

Doo-wop emerged in the 1950s as an integral force in the shaping of early rock and roll. The genre was marked by vocal groups, predominantly male and black.

This list was originally a top 20 list posted on the DMDB Facebook page in 2010 after I stumbled across a Doo Wop Hall of Fame (which looks like someone’s personal site). The list has since been revised, aggregating more than 25 best-of lists of doo-wops songs (see sources at the bottom of the page). Those songs appearing on three or more lists are then listed based on their overall status in Dave’s Music Database.

In March 2021, Stuart Weiss, a DJ with, used this list for a countdown of the top 100 doo-wop songs of all time on his Sunday Night Doo Wop Party radio show. You can listen to it here:

  • #100 to #51
  • #50 to #1 (includes an on-air interview Stu did with me about the list that starts at the 59:40 mark)

Note: click here to see other genre-specific song lists.

1. The Penguins “Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)” (1954)
2. Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” (1956)
3. The Platters “The Great Pretender” (1955)
4. The Five Satins “In the Still of the Nite (I’ll Remember)” (1956)
5. The Platters “Only You (And You Alone)” (1955)
6. The Flamingos “I Only Have Eyes for You” (1959)
7. Danny & The Juniors “At the Hop” (1957)
8. The Chords “Sh-Boom” (1954)
9. The Orioles “Crying in the Chapel” (1953)
10. The Tokens “The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)” (1961)

11. The Four Seasons “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (1962)
12. The Platters “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” (1958)
13. The Platters “My Prayer (Avant de Mourir)” (1956)
14. The Four Seasons “Sherry” (1962)
15. Gene Chandler “Duke of Earl” (1962)
16. The Platters “Twilight Time” (1958)
17. The Dell-Vikings “Come Go with Me” (1957)
18. The Drifters “Up on the Roof” (1962)
19. The Marcels “Blue Moon” (1961)
20. The Diamonds “Little Darlin’” (1957)

21. The Drifters “There Goes My Baby” (1959)
22. The Crests “Sixteen Candles” (1958)
23. The Monotones “Book of Love” (1958)
24. The Coasters “Yakety Yak” (1958)
25. The Elegants “Little Star” (1958)
26. The Dominoes “Sixty Minute Man” (1951)
27. The Silhouettes “Get a Job” (1958)
28. The Skyliners “Since I Don’t Have You” (1959)
29. The Drifters “Money Honey” (1953)
30. The Coasters “Searchin’” (1957)

31. The Fleetwoods “Come Softly to Me” (1959)
32. Dion & the Belmonts “A Teenager in Love” (1959)
33. The Rays “Silhouettes” (1957)
34. The Shirelles “Soldier Boy” (1962)
35. Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs “Stay” (1960)
36. The Dominoes with Billy Ward “Stardust” (1957)
37. The Impressions featuring Jerry Butler “For Your Precious Love” (1958)
38. The Spaniels “Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight” (1954)
39. Dion & the Belmonts “I Wonder Why” (1958)
40. The Cadillacs “Speedoo” (1955)

41. The Moonglows “Sincerely” (1955)
42. The Shirelles “Dedicated to the One I Love” (1959)
43. The Capris “There’s a Moon Out Tonight” (1960)
44. The Chantels “Maybe” (1958)
45. The Dells “Oh What a Nite” (1956)
46. The Bobbettes “Mr. Lee” (1957)
47. The Clovers “Love Potion No. 9” (1959)
48. The Harptones “A Sunday Kind of Love” (1953)
49. The Coasters “Young Blood” (1957)
50. Little Anthony & the Imperials “Tears on My Pillow” (1958)

51. The Coasters “Charlie Brown” (1959)
52. Shep & the Limelites “Daddy’s Home” (1961)
53. The Orioles “It’s Too Soon to Know” (1948)
54. The Duprees “You Belong to Me” (1962)
55. Curtis Lee & the Halos “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” (1961)
56. The Coasters “Poison Ivy” (1959)
57. The Jive Five “My True Story” (1961)
58. The Clovers “Devil or Angel” (1955)
59. The Jaguars “The Way You Look Tonight” (1956)
60. The Heartbeats “A Thousand Miles Away” (1956)

61. The Danleers “One Summer Night” (1958)
62. The Crows “Gee” (1954)
63. The Dell-Vikings “Whispering Bells” (1957)
64. The Chordettes “Lollipop” (1958)
65. Dion & the Belmonts “Where or When” (1959)
66. Randy & the Rainbows “Denise” (1963)
67. The Cleftones “Little Girl of Mine” (1956)
68. The Impalas “Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)” (1959)
69. The El Dorados “At My Front Door” (1955)
70. The Cleftones “Heart and Soul” (1961)

71. The Skyliners “This I Swear” (1959)
72. The Chimes “Once in Awhile” (1960)
73. Lee Andrews & the Hearts “Teardrops” (1957)
74. The Clovers “Blue Velvet” (1955)
75. The Coasters (as The Robins) “Smokey Joe’s CafĂ©” (1955)
76. The Cadillacs “Gloria” (1954)
77. The Earls “Remember Then” (1962)
78. The Velvetones “The Glory of Love” (1957)
79. The Five Satins “To the Aisle” (1957)
80. The Blue Jays “Lover’s Island” (1961)

81. The Channels “That’s My Desire” (1957)
82. Lee Andrews & the Hearts “Long Lonely Nights” (1957)
83. The Falcons “You’re So Fine” (1959)
84. The Classics “Till Then” (1963)
85. The Regents “Barbara-Ann” (1961)
86. The Mello-Kings “Tonite Tonite” (1957)
87. The Safaris “Image of a Girl” (1960)
88. The Nutmegs “Story Untold” (1955)
89. Danny & the Juniors “Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay” (1958)
90. The Diablos “The Wind” (1954)

91. Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers “I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent” (1956)
92. The Crests “The Angels Listened In” (1959)
93. The Channels “The Closer You Are” (1956)
94. The Olympics “Western Movies” (1958)
95. Little Caesar & the Romans “Those Oldies But Goodies Remind Me of You” (1961)
96. The Crests “Step by Step” (1960)
97. Lee Andrews & the Hearts “Try the Impossible” (1958)
98. The Willows “Church Bells May Ring” (1956)
99. The Flamingos “Lovers Never Say Goodbye” (1958)
100. The 5 Royales “Dedicated to the One I Love” (1958)

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  1. Number eleven on your list of top 100 doo-wop songs is "Big Girls Don't Cry" by the Four Tops. Shouldn't that be the Four Seasons? You seem to have a typo that needs to be fixed.

  2. yes but what about the rare doo wop which was never heard I have kept the rare oldies alive for 35 years

  3. I can send you my list of fantastic doowop of all time. if you like.

    1. Sorry, this comment managed to escape my attention but I welcome your list and can factor it in with the others.

  4. Where is Blueberry Hill and Ain't that a Shame?

    1. Both appear on the Dave's Music Database of rock-n-roll origin songs. Check out the list here:

  5. Some of these groups were not Doo Wop, eg Skyliners, Four Seasons, Platters, Tokens, Danny and the Juniors. And others. Groups that best exemplify classic Doo Wop (little or no instruments), Chords, Harptones, Orioles, Moonglows, Dominoes, Clovers, Five Satins, Nutmegs, Cadillacs, and The Students (not mentioned but maybe the best ever), and The High Keys, a later group but pure Doo Wop.

    1. As noted at the beginning of the page, this list was created by aggregating multiple lists of doo-wop songs. If enough lists referenced a song as a doo-wop classic, it made the list.

  6. I'm sorry but I don't agree with listing "Little Darlin" by the Diamonds when the Gladiolas version was real doo-wop.

    1. It's all about which songs showed up on the most lists.

  7. What about Billy Joel longest time

    1. Sorry, it just doesn't show up on the lists, which are pretty focused on the doo-wop of the 1950s. "The Longest Time" is a pretty decent homage to the genre, though.