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Robert Plant retrospective Digging Deep released

Robert Plant

A Retrospective: 1966-2020


Rock singer born 8/20/1948 in West Bromwich, England. With Band of Joy and, most famously, Led Zeppelin (1968-80) before going solo in 1982. He did a one-off EP with guitarist Jeff Beck and Led Zeppelin bandmate Jimmy Page as the Honeydrippers in 1984. He and Page reteamed in 1994 for a live album and then returned in 1998 with a studio album. Plant won a Grammy for Album of the Year for his 2007 release Raising Sand which paired him with bluegrass artist Alison Krauss.

“If one word sums up Robert Plant’s solo career it would be: contrary. Listening to any of his first three albums from the early ‘80s, you can almost imagine his record company paymasters in a state of escalating panic, as each LP he made sounded less and less like Led Zeppelin.” Q

“Plant was 20 when he joined Zeppelin and 32 when it ended (a ‘boy’ in modern rock years). It would have been an easy and commercially safe bet for him to spend the next three decades making music that sounded like a carbon copy of his old band’s.” Q

“Instead, Plant seemed stubbornly determined to distance himself from his musical past. The hirsute, self-proclaimed ‘Golden God’ once seen shimmying onstage in Led Zeppelin’s film The Song Remains the Same customized his image for the ‘80s. He cut his hair, donned a suit and stopped screaming. Perversely, by the middle of the decade, he’d begun inching back towards the sound – and look – of Led Zeppelin. And by the mid-‘90s, he was working once again with his Zeppelin partner-in-crime Jimmy Page.” Q

“Plant’s solo work has always found him on a tireless quest for something new. Here you’ll find records from a man frantically trying to erase hi history, others born out of a love-hate relationship with that history and more still inspired by his passion for ‘50s rock, folk, blues, psychedelia, world music…His 2007 career resurrection with Alison Krauss and his decision to step away from Led Zeppelin after their one-off reunion show that year is welcome evidence that Plant…remains as contrary as ever.” Q

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Studio Albums with Led Zeppelin:

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Studio Albums as a Solo Artist:

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Under each album snapshot, songs featured on the anthologies are noted. If the song charted, the date of the song’s release or first chart appearance and its chart peaks are noted in parentheses. Click for codes to singles charts.

Pictures at Eleven (1982):

  • Burning Down One Side (7/10/82, 64 US, 3 AR, 73 UK, 11 CN, 86 AU)
  • Fat Lip DD
  • Like I’ve Never Been Gone DD

The Principle of Moments (1983):

  • Big Log (7/16/83, 20 US, 21 CB, 15 RR, 6 AR, 11 UK, 23 CN, 23 AU) ST
  • Other Arms (7/23/83, 1 AR)
  • In the Mood (7/30/83, 39 US, 36 CB, 35 RR, 4 AR, 81 UK, 37 AU) DD
  • Wreckless Love DD

The Honeydrippers Volume One (1984):

  • Sea of Love George Khoury, Phil Phillips) (10/13/84, 3 US, 3 CB, 4 RR, 1 AC, 11 AR, 56 UK, 1 CN, 5 AU) ST
  • Rockin’ at Midnight (Roy Brown) (10/13/84, 25 US, 28 CB, 23 RR, 38 AC, 8 AR, 18 CN)

Shaken N’ Stirred (1985):

  • Little by Little (5/18/85, 36 US, 34 CB, 35 RR, 1 AR, 83 UK, 83 AU) ST

Now and Zen (1988):

  • Heaven Knows (1/18/88, 1 AR, 33 UK, 65 CN, 32 AU) ST, DD
  • Tall Cool One (3/5/88, 25 US, 31 CB, 27 RR, 1 AR, 87 UK, 46 AU) ST
  • Ship of Fools (3/5/88, 84 US, 3 AR, 76 UK) ST, DD
  • White, Clean and Neat DD

Manic Nirvana (1990):

  • Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes on You) (3/17/90, 46 US, 1 AR, 45 UK, 14 CN, 63 AU) DD
  • Tide Dye on the Highway (3/31/90, 6 AR) ST
  • Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night (6/9/90, 8 AR, 90 UK)
  • Anniversary DD

Fate of Nations (1993):

  • Calling to You (5/15/93, 3 AR, 47 CN) ST
  • 29 Palms (5/93, 4 AR, 21 UK, 11 CN, 79 AU) ST, DD
  • I Believe (10/9/93, 9 AR, 64 UK, 37 CN) ST, DD
  • If I Were a Carpenter (12/25/93, 63 UK, 50 CN) ST
  • Promised Land ST, DD
  • Great Spirit DD
  • Memory Song (Mello Hello) DD

Walking into Clarksdale (with Jimmy Page, 1998):

  • Most High (4/11/98, 1 AR, 26 UK, 88 AU)
  • Shining in the Light (5/30/98, 6 AR)

Dreamland (2002):

  • Darkness, Darkness (Jesse Colin Young) (6/22/02, 27 AR) ST, DD
  • Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett) (2002, 84 UK) ST, DD
  • Last Time I Saw Her * (2002, 84 UK) DD
  • Dirt in a Hole ST
  • Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky) ST

Sixty Six to Timbuktu

Robert Plant

Released: November 4, 2003

Recorded: 1966-2003

Peak: 134 US, 27 UK

Sales (in millions): --

Genre: rock

Tracks, Disc 1: (1) Tie Dye on the Highway (2) Upside Down (3) Promised Land (4) Tall Cool One (5) Dirt in a Hole (6) Calling to You (7) 29 Palms (8) If I Were a Carpenter (9) Sea of Love (10) Darkness, Darkness (11) Big Log (12) Ship of Fools (13) I Believe (14) Little by Little (15) Heaven Knows (16) Song to the Siren

Tracks, Disc 2: (1) You’d Better Run (2) Our Song (3) Hey Joe (demo) (4) For What It’s Worth (demo) (5) Operator (6) Road to the Sun (7) Philadelphia Baby (8) Red for Danger (9) Let’s Have a Party (10) Hey Jayne (11) Louie, Louie (12) Naked if I Want To (13) 21 Years (14) If It’s Really Got to Be This Way (15) Rude World (16) Little Hands (17) Life Begin Again (18) Let the Boogie Woogie Roll (19) Win My Train Fare Home (live)

Total Running Time: 146:53


3.715 out of 5.00 (average of 16 ratings)

Awards: (Click on award to learn more).

About Sixty Six to Timbuktu:

“As it contains 35 tracks, it would be fairer to describe this as Robert Plant’s greatest hits and misses. Listeners get the best of every solo album up to and including 2002’s Dreamland, but the non-chronological running order also spotlights the schizophrenic nature of the music. At times, though, that’s part of the fun. One minute, Plant’s crooning through country bluesman Charlie Rich’s Philadelphia Baby, the next he sounds like he’s auditioning for New Order on Upside Down or singing some creepy trip-hop blues on Rude World. Listen out, too, for You’d Better Run, Plant’s 1966 recording debut with the group Listen, and demos from his pre-Zeppelin outfit, Band of Joy.” Q

Tracks Not on Previously Noted Albums:

  • You’d Better Run (Listen, 1966) ST
  • Our Song (1967) ST
  • Hey Joe (Band of Joy, 1968) ST
  • For What It’s Worth (Band of Joy, 1968) ST
  • Operator (Alexis Korner, 1968) ST
  • Philadelphia Baby (from Porky’s Revenge soundtrack, 1983) ST
  • Road to the Sun (1983) ST
  • Upside Down (1988) ST
  • Red for Danger (1988) ST
  • Let’s Have a Party (from Last Temptation of Elvis, 1990) ST
  • 21 Years (1993) ST
  • Hey Jayne (1993) ST
  • Louie Louie (1993) ST
  • Naked if I Want To (1993) ST
  • If It’s Really Got to Be This Way (from Adios Amigo: A Tribute to Arthur Alexander, 1994) ST
  • Rude World (from The Inner Flame, 1997) ST
  • Little Hands (from More Oar: A Tribute to Skip Spence, 1999) ST
  • Life Begins Again (with Afro-Celt Sound System, 2001) ST
  • Let the Boogie Woogie Roll (with Jools Holland, 2002) ST

Mighty Rearranger (2005):

  • Shine It All Around (3/26/05, 11 AA, 18 AR, 32 UK) DD
  • Takamba DD

Raising Sand (with Alison Krauss, 2007):

  • Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) (The Everly Brothers) (9/16/07, 2 AA)
  • Please Read the Letter (Robert Plant, Charlie Jones, Michael Lee) (2/16/08, 22 AA)

Band of Joy (2010):

  • Angel Dance (David Hidalgo, Louie Perez) (8/21/10, 1 AA) DD
  • You Can’t Buy My Love (Billy Babineaux, Bobby Babineaux) (1/1/11, 13 AA)
  • Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (traditional, arranged by Plant and Miller) DD
  • Silver Rider (Zachary Micheletti, Mimi Parker, Alan Sparhawk) DD
  • Falling in Love Again (Dillard Crume, Andrew Kelly) DD

Lullaby…and the Ceaseless Roar (2014):

  • Rainbow (7/19/14, 8 AA) DD
  • Embrace Another Fall DD

Carry Fire (2017):

  • Bones of Saints (9/1/17, 20 AA)
  • New World… DD
  • Dance with You Tonight DD

Digging Deep: Subterranea

Robert Plant

Released: October 2, 2020

Recorded: 1982-2020

Peak: -- US, 33 UK

Sales (in millions): --

Genre: rock

Tracks, Disc 1: (1) Rainbow (2) Hurting Kind (3) Shine It All Around (4) Ship of Fools (5) Nothing Takes the Place of You (6) Darkness, Darkness (7) Heaven Knows (8) In the Mood (9) Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1) (10) New World (11) Like I’ve Never Been Gone (12) I Believe (13) Dance with You Tonight (14) Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (15) Great Spirit (acoustic)

Tracks, Disc 2: (1) Angel Dance (2) Takamba (3) Anniversary (4) Wreckless Love (5) White, Clean & Neat (6) Silver Rider (7) Fat Lip (8) 29 Palms (9) Last Time I Saw Her (10) Embrace Another Fall (11) Too Much Alike (12) Big Log (13) Falling in Love Again (14) Memory Song (Hello Hello) (15) Promised Land


4.283 out of 5.00 (average of 6 ratings)

About Digging Deep: Subterranea:

This comes 17 years after Robert Plant’s first compilation, Sixty Six to Timbuktu. That set basically dedicated one disc to hits and a second to archival material. This set, also two discs, assembles hits alongside deep cuts. Only seven songs appear on both collections. Digging Deep includes another ten songs from the same years covered by Timbuktu and adds another nine songs released after Timbuktu. This collection features two new songs as well as an acoustic version of “Great Spirit.”

Tracks Not on Previously Noted Albums:

  • Nothing Takes the Place of You (from film Winter in the Blood, 2013) DD
  • Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1) DD
  • Too Much Alike DD

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