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Sept 18, 2009: Madonna released career-spanning Celebration

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Madonna Compilations

These are some of the most prominent Madonna collections released over the years.

  1. The Immaculate Collection
  2. GHV2
  3. Celebration

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Genre: pop/dance

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Madonna: The Immaculate Collection

Recorded: 1983-1990

Released: Nov. 9, 1990

Sales (in millions): US: 10.0, UK: 3.4, IFPI: --, World: 31.5

Peak: US: 2, UK: 19, Canada: 19, Australia: 15

Quotable: The Immaculate Collection…captures everything Madonna is about and it proves that she was one of the finest singles artists of the ‘80s” – Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide



“Yes, she’s a colossal star, one who has been both mall icon and cultural radical for almost two decades.” BL “Madonna was a change-agent of Hollywood-blockbuster proportions, embodying womanhood’s power while simultaneously upending musty notions of femininity. Whether she’s extolling escapism, wrestling with heartbreak, personalizing big issues or just breathing heavily, each listen shows that Madonna’s unerring musical instincts – let’s go ahead and call it genius – were as formidable as her more famous ambition.” BL

“On the surface, the single-disc hits compilation The Immaculate Collection appears to be a definitive retrospective of Madonna’s heyday in the ‘80s.” E-I In its October 2008 issue, Blender magazine went so far as to name it the #1 Greatest American Album, calling it “a flawless hits package.” BL “After all, it features 17 of Madonna's greatest hits, from Holiday and Like a Virgin to Like a Prayer and Vogue. However, looks can be deceiving.” E-I

The Immaculate Collection contains the bulk of Madonna’s hits, but there are several big hits that aren’t present, including ‘Angel,’ ‘Dress You Up,’ ‘True Blue,’ ‘Who’s That Girl,’ and ‘Causing a Commotion.’” E-I It still “remains a necessary purchase, because it captures everything Madonna is about” E-I – “whip-smart, mega-sexy, covertly dangerous and heart-stoppingly, ass-shakingly, world-shapingly fun.” BL “It proves that she was one of the finest singles artists of the ‘80s.” E-I

Madonna: GHV2

Recorded: 1991-2000

Released: Nov. 13, 2001

Sales (in millions): US: 1.48, UK: 0.8, IFPI: 2.0, World: 7.0

Peak: US: 11, UK: 2, Canada: 3, Australia: 8



“During the ‘90s, Madonna was a true album artist, even as she was making singles as tremendous as Take a Bow, Deeper and Deeper, Ray of Light, Don’t Tell Me, and the non-LP Beautiful Stranger.” E-G “These songs don't really hold together when taken together, since they were designed to be part of a bigger context – either their parent album or the airwaves of the time.” E-G

As such, the GHV2 collection, released to collect the hits from Madonna’s next decade, “seem[s] to have songs missing when it really doesn’t.” E-G In addition, “the non-chronological sequencing…tends to rob this collection of Madonna’s ‘90s hits of any momentum it might have had.” E-G Also, “the very presence of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, which simply does not feel comfortable next to the rest of the savvy, modern music here.” E-G

“Taken on their own, most of these are still pretty tremendous, but tossed together on GHV2, the end result is less than the sum of its parts, even if this is a good way to get all of Madge’s ‘90s hits at once.” E-G

Madonna: Celebration

Recorded: 1982-2009

Released: Sept. 18, 2009

Sales (in millions): US: 0.5, UK: 0.6, IFPI: 1.0, World: 4.0

Peak: US: 7, UK: 11, Canada: 11, Australia: 6




At the close of the century, Madonna released a career retrospective, making for a large overlap with Immaculate Collection and GHV2. The double-disc Celebration omitted some songs and added another eleven songs not included on either of the previous compilations, including eight songs released after GHV2. While her hits dwindled in that era, she still managed three top ten hits in the U.S. (Die Another Day, Hung Up, 4 Minutes). The latter two, as well as Sorry, were #1 hits in the U.K.

Among the post-2000 songs were two new cuts. Celebration was included on all versions of the album and released as the first single. It “became Madonna's 40th number-one song on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart.” WK Revolver was released as a second single and is included on the double-disc deluxe edition. WK The iTunes Store deluxe digital versions also included It’s So Cool as a bonus track. WK

Celebration was appreciated by contemporary critics, who noted the vastness of Madonna's back-catalogue. The album debuted at the top of the charts in Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Madonna became tied with Elvis Presley as the solo artist with the most number-one albums in the United Kingdom.” WK

Album Tracks – All Collections

Click here for the chart codes for singles/hit songs.

Check out the DMDB Beatles’ singles page for a complete singles discography.


  1. Everybody (10/6/82) C
  2. Burning Up (3/9/83) C
  3. Holiday (9/7/83, #16 US, #2 UK, #25 RB) IC, C
  4. Lucky Star (9/8/83, #3a US, #14 UK, #19 AC, #42 RB) IC, C
  5. Borderline (2/15/84, #10 US, #2 UK, #23 AC, sales: 0.5 m) IC, C
  6. Like a Virgin (11/6/84, #1 US, #3 UK, #29 AC, #9 RB, sales: 0.5 m) IC, C
  7. Material Girl (1/30/85, #2 US, #3 UK, #38 AC, #49 RB) IC, C
  8. Crazy for You (3/1/85, #1 US, #2 UK, #2 AC, #80 RB, sales: 0.5 m) IC, C
  9. Into the Groove (4/27/85, #1 UK, #19 RB. B-side of “Angel,” sales: 0.5 m) IC, C
  10. Dress You Up (7/24/85, #5 US, #5 UK, #32 AC, #64 RB) C
  11. Live to Tell (4/12/86, #1 US, #2 UK, #1 AC) IC, C
  12. Papa Don’t Preach (6/26/86, #1 US, #1 UK, #16 AC, sales: 0.5 m) IC, C
  13. Open Your Heart (12/6/86, #1 US, #4 UK, #12 AC) IC, C
  14. La Isla Bonita (3/21/87, #4 US, #1 UK, #1 AC) IC, C
  15. Who’s That Girl (6/30/87, #1 US, #1 UK, #5 AC, #78 RB) C
  16. Like a Prayer (3/18/89, #1 US, #1 UK, #20 RB, #3 AC, sales: 1.0 m) IC, C
  17. Express Yourself (6/3/89, #2 US, #5 UK, #12 AC, sales: 0.5 m) IC, C
  18. Cherish (8/19/89, #2 US, #3 UK, #1 AC) IC, C


  1. Vogue (4/14/90, #1 US, #1 UK, #23 AC, #16 RB, sales: 2.0 m) IC, C
  2. Justify My Love (11/17/90, #1 US, #2 UK, #42 RB, sales: 1.0 m) IC, C
  3. Rescue Me (3/2/91, #5a US, #3 UK, sales: 0.5 m) IC
  4. Erotica (10/17/92, #2a US, #3 UK, sales: 0.5 m) G2, C
  5. Deeper and Deeper (12/5/92, #7 US, #6 UK) G2
  6. Secret (10/8/94, #3 US, #5 UK, #2 AC, sales: 0.5 m) G2, C
  7. Take a Bow (12/17/94, #1 US, #16 UK, #1 AC, #40 RB, sales: 0.5 m) G2, C
  8. Bedtime Story (2/25/95, #42 US, #4 UK) G2, C
  9. Human Nature (6/24/95, #46 US, #8 UK, #57 RB) G2, C
  10. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (12/28/96, #8 US, #3 UK, #21 AC) G2, C
  11. Frozen (2/28/98, #2 US, #1 UK, #8 AC, sales: 0.5 m) G2, C
  12. Ray of Light (5/16/98, #5 US, #2 UK, sales: 0.5 m) G2, C
  13. Drowned World / Substitute for Love (9/5/98, #10 UK) G2
  14. The Power of Goodbye (10/17/98, #11 US, #6 UK, #14 AC) G2
  15. Beautiful Stranger (6/12/99, #11a US, #2 UK, #23 AC) G2, C


  1. Music (8/12/00, #1 US, #1 UK, sales: 1.0 m) G2, C
  2. Don’t Tell Me (12/9/00, #4 US, #4 UK, sales: 0.5 m) G2, C
  3. What It Feels Like for a Girl (4/10/01, #23 US, #7 UK, #27 AC) G2
  4. Die Another Day (10/22/02, #8 US, #3 UK) C
  5. Hollywood (6/14/03, #2 UK) C
  6. Hung Up (10/17/05, #7 US, #1 UK, #29 AC, sales: 3.35 m) C
  7. Sorry (3/11/06, #58 US, #1 UK) C
  8. 4 Minutes (with Justin Timberlake, 3/17/08, #3 US, #1 UK, sales: 4.0 m) C
  9. Miles Away (10/17/08, #39 UK, sales: 0.8 m) C
  10. Celebration (8/22/09, #71 US, #3 UK) C
  11. Revolver (12/14/09) C

IC The Immaculate Collection
C Celebration

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