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Show Tune Albums – Top 10

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Originally posted on the DMDB Facebook page on 2/21/10.

For those not already in the know, Dave’s Music Database consolidates best-of-all-time album lists into one definitive list. By pulling lists from diverse sources, the result is a Top 1000 list that represents classical, jazz, show tunes, R&B, adult contemporary, country, and rock & roll. Here are the top ten show tune albums * of all time:

1. South Pacific (cast: 1949, soundtrack: 1958)
2. West Side Story (cast: 1957, soundtrack: 1961)
3. The Sound of Music (cast: 1959, soundtrack: 1965)
4. My Fair Lady (cast: 1956, soundtrack: 1964)
5. Jesus Christ Superstar (cast: 1971, soundtrack: 1973)
6. Phantom of the Opera (cast: 1986, soundtrack: 2004)
7. The King and I (cast: 1951, soundtrack: 1956)
8. Show Boat (cast: 1927, soundtrack: 1951)
9. Hair (cast: 1967, soundtrack: 1979)
10. Oklahoma! (cast: 1944, soundtrack: 1955)

* Note: In all cases, these are works which originated on the stage (cast albums), but were later made into movies (soundtracks). The points for both works are combined, even though there are obviously differences between the cast albums and soundtracks.

Because these works had to originate on the stage, this excludes huge soundtracks like Saturday Night Fever and Titanic from this list since they originated as movies first.

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