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Kevin Gilbert Nuts and Bolts released


Kevin Gilbert

Released: October 19, 2009

Recorded: 1984-1996

Peak: -- US, -- UK, -- CN, -- AU

Sales (in millions): --

Genre: neo-progressive rock singer/songwriter

Tracks on Nuts:

  1. The World Just Gets Smaller PS
  2. While Heroes Cry
  3. Until I Get Her Back CK
  4. When Strangers Part NRG
  5. Finally Over You
  6. Circling Winds CK
  7. Shannon Elizabeth CK
  8. Tired Old Man CK
  9. Childhood’s End
  10. Joytown (acoustic version) TH, TA
  11. Kashmir (studio version) CV

Tracks on Bolts:

  1. Waking the Sun LT
  2. The Ballad of Jenny Ledge (acoustic version) TM, TA
  3. Something Nice for My Dog
  4. Souvenir
  5. God’s Been Tapping My Phone CK
  6. Goodness Gracious (acoustic) TH, TA
  7. The Best of Everything
  8. Blank Page
  9. Taxi Ride CV
  10. Lonely Road
  11. Finale

Other Appearances: Many of these songs appear on other Kevin Gilbert releases, although not always the same versions.

  1. NRG also on No Reasons Given
  2. CK also on Call Me Kai
  3. PS also on The Power of Suggestion
  4. TM also on Toy Matinee
  5. TH also on Thud
  6. TA also on Toy Matinee Acoustic
  7. LT also on Live at the Troubadour
  8. CV also on Covers

The Players:

  • Kevin Gilbert (vocals et al)
  • John Cuniberti (mastering)


3.322 out of 5.00 (average of 9 ratings)

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About the Albums:

While Kevin Gilbert is an unknown to most, those who knew his music of the ‘80s and ‘90s before his tragic death in 1996 have become fanatics. Consequently, “the long awaited singer songwriter releases, “Nuts and Bolts,” KG will be received, if only by a small core of fans, with great enthusiasm upon their arrival in mid-September of 2009. The collections “represent the best of the unreleased singer/ songwriter material, from Kevin’s career, beginning to end.” PP

That beginning, back in 1984, is represented by When Strangers Part and Tired Old Man, the latter a wonderful take on the tale of Pinocchio and Gepetto. The mid-‘80s are represented with Circling Winds, Shannon Elizabeth, The Best of Everything, While Heroes Cry, God’s Been Tapping My Phone, and Until I Get Her Back. Also from this era is Souvenir, which is also known as “Bitter Souvenir.”

There’s also The World Just Gets Smaller, which Gilbert recorded with his band Giraffe on the 1988 album The Power of Suggestion, and Jenny Ledge and Blank Page from his Toy Matinee days in 1990-91.

After his stints with Giraffe and Toy Matinee, Gilbert recorded his first and only solo album, Thud, released during his lifetime. Representing that period are acoustic versions of Goodness Gracious and Joytown from 1994-95. Fans are likely to be most excited by the inclusion of the studio version of Kashmir, which after its rejection from the Led Zeppelin tribute album Encomium, was bundled with the Thud album as a bonus single.

The collections also feature seven songs whose origins are not known. Unfortunately, the album liner notes offer no insight as to when these songs may have been recorded.

“From sentimental to cynical, happy to heartsick these collections were carefully put together and we feel something Kevin would be proud of.” PP “Every song on each disc was mastered carefully by John Cuniberti. Both packages are beautifully done Digipaks with bookending images” KG and “the insightful and witty liner notes of Cintra Wilson,” PP a former girlfriend of Gilbert’s.

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