Thursday, March 31, 2022

Lyle Lovett “12th of June” released

12th of June

Lyle Lovett

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Released: March 31, 2022

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Airplay/Streaming (in millions): -- radio, 0.31 video, 0.50 streaming


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About the Song:

In 1986, when Lyle Lovett released his self-titled debut album, he was marketed mostly as an alt-country singer/songwriter, but over the next quarter century he established himself as a beacon for “a creative stew of genres – playfully engaging jazz, big band swing, western swing, folk, gospel, and blues.” PM While he never stopped touring, he took a long hiatus from the studio after the release of his 2012 album Release Me. In 2022, he finally returned with 12th of June, his twelfth studio album.

“The album is an eclectic collection of new originals and beloved interpretations that will please existing fans while inviting new ones. It highlights the dynamics of Lyle and his Large Band and their singular ability to shift from one genre to the next with uncanny grace. From beautiful acoustic ballads to swinging big band numbers, this record will remind listeners why Lyle is a national musical treasure.” AZ

The most significant life even in that decade was the birth of his twin children born in 2017 on – you guessed it – the 12th of June. His amusing and poignant meditations on fatherhood are reflected in songs like the celebratory toddlers-may-have-it-figured-out anthem “Pants Is Overrated” and, of course, the title track – “the tender ballad” PM which serves as “the emotional heart of this new album.” PM

“The song accounts for the beautiful fragility of this life” PM encompassing “images of generations crossed in covered dish reunions where a Texas creek runs through a family cemetery, and the invoked voices of the departed who watch over us.” PM

Of course, it mostly is a reflection on fatherhood. Lovett was 59 years old when he became a father and started reflecting on his hope to be around for as much of his kids’ lives as possible. That’s where the song, which he wrote shortly before their first birthday, came from. NPR He said, “I’m not the first person to have children in the world. But, you know, when it happens to you, you kind of feel like you are…I had absolutely no idea how much I’d enjoy it. You know, it’s brought wonders and blessings and thoughts and songs to me that I…never imagined before.” NPR He added, “The thing that I want most to last of me is for my children to realize their dad loves them.” NPR


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