Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dave’s Faves: #1 Songs

Dave’s Faves:

#1’s: 1960-2019

September 18, 1982. I can peg my fascination with music charts to that date. After listening to a local radio station’s countdown of the hits of the summer, I decided to make my own list of favorites (see original list here). I ended up revising it every few days, eventually developing my own charts which I maintained into the ‘90s.

I’ve made some adjustments to those original charts. First, the charts I did from 1982 to 1994 mixed current songs with classics. I’ve revised this list to put songs in their proper place chronologically. Second, since I didn’t do charts prior to 1982 or after 1994, I’ve speculated what would have been my #1’s.

Of course, I realize no one really cares about any of this but me. That’s fine. It’s my website so alongside content which (hopefully) matters to others, I get to stroke my own ego and post some content which is only important to an audience of one. In any event, you can check out the lists here if you wish:

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First posted 4/28/2020; last updated 12/30/2023.


  1. I'd like to see your top 100 favorite songs of each decade

    1. Working on it...

  2. " audience of one" ... make that at least two now!