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In Concert: Melissa Etheridge, 8/29/18

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Venue: Grinders at Crossroads; Kansas City, MO

Considering Etheridge is from Leavenworth, Kansas, this was a hometown show of sorts. She interspersed a number of stories with her songs, joking with the audience at one point about how often she remembered seeing shows where the performer didn’t know if he/she was in Kansas or Missouri. The show relied heavily on nostalgia, pulling the entire set list from albums released from 1988-1995, meaning she touched nothing from the last twenty-plus years of her career.

She somewhat daringly played five non-hit album cuts mid-show with only "If I Wanted To" thrown in the middle of them. The highlight of the show was during the 15-minute-plus encore of “Like the Way I Do” when she joined the drummer on his kit to play a lengthy drum solo, er, duet. See video clip below from another show. Drum duet starts at about the 8:45 point of the video.

Set List:

1. No Souvenirs 2
2. Similar Features 1
3. Let Me Go 2
4. I Want to Come Over 5
5. Royal Station 4/16 2
6. Yes I Am 4
7. If I Wanted To 4
8. Ruins 4
9. An Unusual Kiss 5
10. Shriner’s Park 5
11. Chrome Plate Heart 1
12. Come to My Window 4
13. Bring Me Some Water 1
14. I’m the Only One 4


15. Like the Way I Do 1

Like the Way I Do (live, 3/17/18)

Select Discography:
  • 1 Melissa Etheridge (1988)
  • 2 Brave and Crazy (1989)
  • 3 Never Enough (1992)
  • 4 Yes I Am (1993)
  • 5 Your Little Secret (1995)

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