Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Top 20 Music Managers of All Time

Music Managers:

Top 20

Here’s the top 20 music managers (with some of the best-known artists they’ve managed in parentheses) as determined by an aggregation of multiple lists.

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1. Andrew Loog Oldham (The Rolling Stones)
2. Brian Epstein (The Beatles)
3. Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis Presley)
4. Peter Grant (Led Zeppelin)
5. Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols)
6. Don Arden (Black Sabbath)
7. Allen Klein (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones)
8. Don Kirshner (The Monkees, Kansas)
9. Albert Grossman (Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Band)
10. Kit Lambert (The Who)

11. Robert Stigwood (The Bee Gees)
12. Lou Pearlman (Backstreet Boys, N’ Sync)
13. Tony Defries (David Bowie)
14. Irving Azoff (Eagles)
15. Chris Stamp (The Who, Jimi Hendrix)
16. Simon Fuller (Spice Girls)
17. Jon Landau (Bruce Springsteen)
18. Dee Anthony (Tony Bennett, Peter Frampton)
19. Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber)
20. Joseph Jackson (The Jackson 5)

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First posted 5/20/2017; last updated 1/26/2022.

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