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Carole Bayer Sager: Top 40 Songs

First posted 12/15/2019.

Songwriter Carole Bayer was born 70 years ago on this day in 3/8/1947 in Brooklyn, NY. She was married to record-producer Andrew Sager from 1970 to 1978 and has also been romantically linked to songwriters Marvin Hamlisch and Burt Bacharach (married 1985 to 1991). She won an Academy Award (“Arthur’s Theme” by Christopher Cross) and Grammy Award (“That’s What Friends Are For,” Dionne & Friends). For a complete list of this act’s DMDB honors, check out the DMDB Music Maker Encyclopedia entry.

Top 40 Songs

Dave’s Music Database lists are determined by song’s appearances on best-of lists as well as chart success, sales, radio airplay, streaming, and awards. In the event of songs which have been recorded more than once, only the top-ranked song is included in the list. Songs which hit #1 on the following charts have been noted: Billboard Hot 100 pop charts (US), Cashbox (CB), Hit Records (HR), Radio & Records (RR), Billboard R&B chart (RB), Billboard country chart (CW), United Kingdom pop chart (UK), Canadian pop chart (CN), and Australian pop chart (AU).

DMDB Top 1%:

1. That's What Friends Are For (Dionne Warwick with Elton John, Gladys Knight, & Stevie Wonder, 1985) #1 US, AC, RB, CN, AU

DMDB Top 5%:

2. Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) (Christopher Cross, 1981) #1 US, CB, HR, RR, AC
3. A Groovy Kind of Love (Phil Collins, 1988) #1 US, CB, RR, AC, UK, CN
4. On My Own (Patti LaBelle with Michael McDonald, 1986) #1 US, CB, RR, RB, CN
5. Nobody Does It Better (Carly Simon, 1977) #1 RR, AC
6. When I Need You (Leo Sayer, 1977) #1 US, CB, HR, RR, AC, UK, CN
7. A Groovy Kind of Love (The Mindbenders, 1966) #1 CB, HR

DMDB Top 10%:

8. Heartlight (Neil Diamond, 1982) #1 AC
9. Don’t Cry Out Loud (Melissa Manchester, 1978)

DMDB Top 20%:

10. It’s My Turn (Diana Ross, 1980)
11. Love Power (Dionne Warwick with Jeffrey Osborne, 1987) #1 AC

Beyond the DMDB Top 20%:

12. Midnight Blue (Melissa Manchester, 1975) #1 AC
13. You’re Moving Out Today (Carole Bayer Sager, 1977) #1 AU
14. You’re the Only One (Dolly Parton, 1979) #1 CW
15. Making Love (Roberta Flack, 1982)
16. Heartbeaker (Dolly Parton, 1978) #1 CW
17. Try It on My Own (Whitney Houston, 2002)
18. You’re Moving Out Today (Bette Midler, 1977)
19. Fly Away (Peter Allen, 1981)
20. Ever Changing Times (Aretha Franklin with Michael McDonald, 1991)

21. Looking Through Your Eyes (LeAnn Rimes, 1998)
22. I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love (Rita Coolidge, 1979)
23. On the Way to the Sky (Neil Diamond, 1981)
24. Front Page Story (Neil Diamond, 1982)
25. Turn Around (Neil Diamond, 1984)
26. Through the Eyes of Love (Melissa Manchester, 1979)
27. The Prayer (Andrea Bocelli with Celine Dion, 1998)
28. Break It to Me Gently (Aretha Franklin, 1977)
29. Some Changes Are for Good (Dionne Warwick, 1981)
30. Over You (Natalie Cole with Ray Parker, Jr.; 1988)

31. Love Always (El DeBarge, 1986)
32. A Chance for Heaven (Christopher Cross, 1984)
33. Stronger Than Before (Carole Bayer Sager, 1981)
34. Finder of Lost Loves (Dionne Warwick with Glenn Jones, 1985)
35. Take Good Care of You and Me (Dionne Warwick with Jeffrey Osborne, 1989)
36. That’s What Friends Are For (Rod Stewart, 1982)
37. I Never Loved You Anyway (The Corrs, 1997)
38. Night Shift (Quarterflash, 1991)
39. Someone Else’s Eyes (Aretha Franklin, 1991)
40. It’s the Falling in Love (Michael Jackson with Patti Austin, 1979)


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