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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Nominees

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2015 nominees on the morning of October 9, 2014. Based on recent years, 6 of these 15 are likely to be voted in and inducted at the ceremony on April 18, 2015. At, fans could vote for five. Included below are those results (FRL followed by the % of fans who voted for the act). Also, acts which made the DMDB list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs are noted (DMDB + rank). I’ve listed the 15 nominees in order of what I consider their likelihood of getting in.

  1. Green Day: First year eligible. FRL: 56%
  2. Nine Inch Nails: First year eligible. FRL: 43%
  3. Chic: Eligible since 2003. 9-time nominee. FRL: 21%. DMDB: #45
  4. N.W.A.: Eligible since 2013. 3-time nominee. FRL: 33%
  5. Kraftwerk: Eligible since 1996. 3-time nominee. FRL: 35%. DMDB: #30
  6. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Eligible since 2009. First-time nominee. FRL: 55%. DMDB: #8
  7. Lou Reed: Eligible since 1998. 2-time nominee. FRL: 49%
  8. The Smiths: Eligible since 2009. First-time nominee. FRL: 47%. DMDB: #19
  9. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts: Eligible since 2006. 3-time nominee. FRL: 39%. DMDB: #38
  10. Sting: Eligible since 2008. First-time nominee. FRL: 25%
  11. The Spinners: Eligible since 1987. Second-time nominee. FRL: 18%. DMDB: #98
  12. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Eligible since 1989. 4-time nominee. FRL: 10%
  13. War: Eligible since 1997. 3-time nominee. FRL: 23%
  14. The Marvelettes: Eligible since 1987. Second nomination. FRL: 18%
  15. Bill Withers: Eligible since 1997. First-time nominee. FRL: 29% picks Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Chic, N.W.A., and Kraftwerk. I also think these are the five best bets, although my personal picks would be for The Smiths and Lou Reed to get in over Nine Inch Nails and Chic.

Based on the Hall’s prior record, they want a big name, first-time nominee which makes Green Day a shoe-in. Nine Inch Nails is also a pretty decent bet, although I could see them getting held over for another year. The Smiths, Sting, and Stevie Ray Vaughan are also first-time nominees, although they’ve been eligible previously. SRV probably has the best shot of that batch, although I think all three deserve to be in. Bill Withers also got his first nod, but I think he’s the most unlikely of all 15 nominees to get in and I don’t personally think he’s Hall-worthy.

The Hall also likes to get someone in who they’ve backed for a long time. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Kraftwerk, N.W.A., The Spinners, and War have all garnered at least three nominations. With 9 nominations, the Hall really wants to get Chic in. Personally, I think N.W.A. and Kraftwerk are more deserving, but all three could make the cut. Joan Jett would be the next most likely.

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