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Glenn Tilbrook at Kansas City's Record Bar

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My brother Mark and buddies Paul and Steve accompanied me to Kansas City’s Record Bar for an evening with Glenn Tilbrook, best known from Squeeze. Mark, Steve, and I saw Tilbrook a year earlier (Glenn Tilbrook at Kansas City’s Riot Room) so it was interesting to compare setlists. He played a healthy chunk of the expected Squeeze catalog both times, but the latter show was peppered with more surprises, including less-familiar cuts like “Everything in the World,” “Cold Shoulder,” “Elephant Ride,” “Vanity Fair,” and a new (!!) Squeeze song.

Elephant Ride

Non-Squeeze material included some surprises as well. He trotted out a 1981 single he’d done with Elvis Costello and an unrecorded song from 1974. There was also a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well.” He highlighted his newest album (2014’s Happy Ending) with four cuts, compared to a half dozen on the last outing when the album had yet to be released.

From a Whisper to a Scream

On his last outing, Tilbrook was accompanied by a band, but this excursion was a solo endeavor. It works both ways, namely because of his easy rapport with the audience. Fun moments included him tasking the audience with singing “Ice Cream” and doing a hand clap to “Hourglass.” All in all, a great night with great friends and great music.

Ice Cream

The Setlist:

1. Best of Times 17
2. Persephone 19
3. Ter-Wit Ter-Woo 18
4. Monkey in a Tree (song written in 1974)
5. Annie Get Your Gun 6
6. Black Sheep 17
7. Dennis 19
8. From the Cradle to the Grave (new Squeeze song)
9. Elephant Ride 5
10. Take Me I’m Yours 1
11. Untouchable 16
12. Is That Love 4
13. Up the Junction 2


14. Ice Cream 19
15. Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac cover)
16. Everybody Sometimes 19
17. Cold Shoulder 12
18. Slap and Tickle 2
19. Vanity Fair 4
20. From a Whisper to a Scream (1981 single with Elvis Costello)
21. Still 17
22. If I Didn’t Love You 3
23. Everything in the World 12
24. Tempted 4
25. Hourglass 9
26. Black Coffee in Bed 5
27. Another Nail in My Heart 3


28. Pulling Mussels from the Shell 3
29. Goodbye Girl 2

Glenn Tilbrook Discography:

1 U.K. Squeeze (Squeeze, 1978)
2 Cool for Cats (Squeeze, 1979)
3 Argybargy (Squeeze, 1980)
4 East Side Story (Squeeze, 1981)
5 Sweets from a Stranger (Squeeze, 1982)
6 45’s and Under (Squeeze compilation, 1982)
7 Difford & Tilbrook (Difford & Tilbrook, 1984)
8 Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (Squeeze, 1985)
9 Babylon and On (Squeeze, 1987)
10 Frank (Squeeze, 1989)
11 Play (Squeeze, 1991)
12 Some Fantastic Place (Squeeze, 1993)
13 Ridiculous (Squeeze, 1995)
14 Domino (Squeeze, 1998)
15 The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook (solo, 2001)
16 Transatlantic Ping Pong (solo, 2004)
17 Pandemonium Ensues (Fluffers, 2009)
18 The Co-Operative (with Nine Below Zero, 2011)
19 Happy Ending (solo, 2014)

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