Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Memory of Davy Jones

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As Billboard magazine put it, “The cute Monkee is gone.” BB Davy Jones was “the crush of millions of girls during the ‘60s and beyond,” BB including Marcia Brady in a classic episode of television’s The Brady Bunch. Of course, Jones and his fellow Monkees had made a huge splash on TV long before that (The Monkees debuts on TV: September 12, 1966). That show was modeled after the fun and camaraderie of The Beatles in their 1964 movie A Hard Day’s Night. The “made-up” band took flack from some rock ‘n’ roll purists since the group didn’t originally play their own instruments, but The Monkees still went on to great chart success and a career selling more than 50 million records worldwide. BB

Jones died of a heart attack at Martin Memorial Hospital in Stuart, Florida on the morning of February 29, 2012. He is survived by fourth wife , Jessica, and four daughters. He was 66.

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