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Mar. 25, 1997: Muddy Waters compilation, His Best 1947-55, released

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Best of/His Best

Muddy Waters

Released: April 1958 B, Mar. 25, 1997 H

Years Covered: 1948-54 B, 1947-55 H

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B Best of
H His Best 1947-1955

Quotable: “Perfect country blues” – Ken Hohman, Amazon.com

Genre: blues

Album Tracks: H

  1. I Can’t Be Satisfied (9/18/48, #11 RB) B
  2. I Feel Like Going Home (9/18/48, B-side of “Satisfied”)
  3. Train Fare Home (1948)
  4. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (1950)
  5. Rollin’ Stone (1950) B
  6. Louisiana Blues (1/13/51, #10 RB) B
  7. Long Distance Call (4/14/51, #8 RB) B
  8. Honey Bee (7/14/51, #10) B
  9. Still a Fool (11/24/51, #9 RB) B
  10. She Moves Me (2/23/52, #10 RB) B
  11. Standing Around Crying (1952) B
  12. Mad Love (I Want You to Love Me) (11/21/53, #6 RB) B
  13. Baby Please Don’t Go (1953)
  14. (I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (3/13/54, #3 RB) B
  15. I Just Want to Make Love to You (6/5/54, #4 RB) B
  16. I’m Ready (10/23/54, #4 RB) B
  17. Mannish Boy (6/30/55, #5 RB)
  18. Young Fashioned Ways (1955)
  19. Sugar Sweet (1955)
  20. Trouble No More (1955)

All of the above tracks are featured on His Best 1947-1955 (H). Tracks featured on Best of are noted by B.

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In 1958, Chess Records released a Muddy Waters’ greatest hits collection simply entitled The Best of Muddy Waters. It compiled a dozen songs which were initially issued as singles from 1948 to 1954. Most appeared on Billboard magazine’s R&B charts. It was the first Muddy Waters album and only the third album released by Chess on the LP (long-playing) format. WK In 1983, it was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

Nearly 40 years later, as part of their 50th anniversary series, Chess released a new compilation (His Best 1947-55) JH which covered all the songs on the original Best of collection plus another eight songs.

These songs represent Waters from his formative years through his peak. Listeners are “in for a lot of terrific bottleneck slide guitar work as well as electric Chicago blues.” KH These “tracks are spare, haunting and, quite frankly, perfect country blues.” KHI Can't Be Satisfied, Rollin' and Tumblin’, I’m Ready, and Mannish Boy are simply beyond reproach.” KH The latter song and “Hoochie Coochie Man have sparked endless imitations over the years – and…nobody has played them better since.” KH

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