Monday, June 9, 1986

Genesis Invisible Touch released

Invisible Touch


Released: June 9, 1986

Peak: 3 US, 13 UK, 11 CN, 3 AU

Sales (in millions): 6.0 US, 1.2 UK, 14.6 world (includes US and UK)

Genre: classic mainstream rock


Song Title [time] (date of single release, chart peaks) Click for codes to singles charts.

  1. Invisible Touch [3:29] (5/19/86, 1 US, 1 CB, 1 RR, 3 AC, 1 AR, 15 UK, 6 CN, 3 AU)
  2. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight [8:53] (7/26/86, 3 US, 3 CB, 3 RR, 8 AC, 9 AR, 18 UK, 19 CN, 93 AU)
  3. Land of Confusion [4:45] (6/28/86, 4 US, 5 CB, 5 RR, 11 AR, 14 UK, 8 CN, 21 AU)
  4. In Too Deep [4:58] (7/5/86, 3 US, 4 CB, 3 RR, 1 AC, 34 AR, 19 UK, 15 CN, 17 AU)
  5. Anything She Does [4:09] (6/28/86, 40 AR)
  6. In the Glow of the Night (Domino, Part 1) [4:27]
  7. The Last Domino (Domino, Part 2) [6:18] (6/21/86, 29 AR)
  8. Throwing It All Away [3:53] (6/21/86, 4 US, 3 CB, 1 RR, 1 AC, 1 AR, 22 UK, 12 CN, 91 AU)
  9. The Brazilian [4:50]

All songs written by Banks, Collins, and Rutherford.

Total Running Time: 45:42

The Players:

  • Tony Banks (keyboards, synth bass)
  • Phil Collins (vocals, drums, percussion)
  • Mike Rutherford (guitars, bass)


3.557 out of 5.00 (average of 28 ratings)

Quotable: “Pop that was the sound of the mainstream in the late ‘80s” – Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

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About the Album:

“Here’s pop Genesis at its overachieving best” JP as they try “to pack muscianly thrills into simpler structures.” JPInvisible Touch is, without a doubt, Genesis’ poppiest album, a sleek, streamlined affair built on electronic percussion and dressed in synths that somehow seem to be programmed, not played by Tony Banks.” AMG

“Delivered in the wake of Phil Collins’ massive success as a solo star, Invisible Touch was seen at the time as a bit of a Phil Collins solo album disguised as a Genesis album, and it’s not hard to see why.” AMG “It does seem a bit like No Jacket Required, and the heavy emphasis on pop tunes does serve the singer, not the band.” AMG “Collins is in full lonely-guy mode, bemoaning unapproachable women or conjuring suspenseful plots – even doing both at once in In Too Deep and the big but snappy suite Domino.” JP “The title track is the frothiest thing the band ever did, while ‘In Too Deep’ and Throwing It All Away are power ballads that could be seen as Phil projects.” AMG

Still, “it’s not quite fair to call this a Collins album, and not just because there are two arty tunes that could have fit on its predecessor, Genesis. There is a difference between Collins and Genesis – on his own, Phil was lighter, and Genesis was often a bit chillier.” AMG Case in point: “Land of Confusion was a protest tune and Tonight, Tonight, Tonight was a stark, scary tale of scoring dope (which made its inclusion in a Michelob campaign in the ‘80s almost as odd as recovering alcoholic Eric Clapton shilling for the brewery).” AMG

Indeed “the songs unfold in a percussive, artificial realm that makes Collins’ voice sound even more isolated in his yearing and his predicaments.” JP “Banks’ recital-hall piano and organ had long since given way to foreboding synthesizer chords and brittle notes that ricochet all over the place, syncopating neatly against Collins’s salvos of tom-toms.” JP “But those songs had big hooks that excused their coldness, and the arty moments sank to the bottom, obscured by the big, bold pop hooks here – pop that was the sound of the mainstream in the late ‘80s, pop that still effortlessly evokes its time.” AMG

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