Saturday, March 24, 1979

Supertramp charted with “The Logical Song”

The Logical Song


Writer(s): Roger Hodgson (see lyrics here)

First Charted: March 24, 1979

Peak: 6 US, 4 CB, 6 HR, 11 RR, 1 CL, 7 UK, 12 CN, 16 AU, 1 DF (Click for codes to singles charts.)

Sales (in millions): -- US, 0.2 UK, 1.03 world (includes US + UK)

Airplay/Streaming (in millions): -- radio, 48.25 video, -- streaming


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About the Song:

“The Logical Song” was personal for Roger Hodgson about being sent to a boarding school for a decade. It reflects on “how the innocence and wonder of childhood can quickly give way to worry and cynicism as children are taught to be responsible adults.” SF As he said, “What they teach us in schools is all very fine, but what about what they don’t teach us?...They don’t really prepare us for life in terms of teaching us who we are on the inside.” SF He also said, “‘Logical Song’ was really a light hearted way of saying something pretty deep.” SF

Hodgson often wrote songs by playing keyboard riffs and trying different words and phrases to get ideas for lyrics. He said, “I was doing that when the word ‘logical’ came into my head and I thought, ‘That’s an interesting word.’” SF He worked on the song during soundchecks, completing it long before bringing it to the band. PP As he said, “I had actually finished the words and the arrangement six months before I proposed it to the band for the album…I didn’t think anyone would like it.” PP

Rolling Stone called the song “a small masterpiece.” WK Paul McCartney called it his favorite song of the year. WK All Music Guide’s Mike DeGagne said the song “revealed their ability to inject contemplative, insightful lyrics into scintillating rock & roll that sounded bright and dynamic while still sounding British.” AMG He also said, “Hodgson’s compatible vocal style is amplified amidst the song’s frolicking interplay of saxophone and keyboards.” AMG The band used an electronic football game to accentuate the “d-d-digital” line in the lyrics. PP

“The Logical Song” was released as the lead single for Supertramp’s Breakfast in America, which topped the album chart in the U.S. and sold four million copies. The song became the band’s biggest hit, reaching #6 in the US and #7 in the UK where it also won an Ivor Novello award. In 2001, the band Scooter covered the song and had a top-ten hit with it in several European countries. WK


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