Tuesday, June 6, 1972

David Bowie released Ziggy Stardust: June 6, 1972

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Release date: 6 June 1972
Tracks: (Click for codes to singles charts.) Five Years / Soul Love / Moonage Daydream / Starman (4/28/72, #65 US, #10 UK) / It Ain’t Easy / Lady Stardust / Star / Hang on to Yourself / Ziggy Stardust / Suffragette City / Rock & Roll Suicide (4/11/74, #22 UK)

Sales (in millions): 0.5 US, 0.3 UK, 7.5 world (includes US and UK)

Peak: 75 US, 5 UK


Review: Ziggy Stardust was “constructed as a loose concept album about an androgynous alien rock star” AMG “whose mission is to offer sex and salvation to earthlings.” TL The character was inspired by British rock singer Vince Taylor, who, after a breakdown, believed he was “a cross between a god and an alien.” WK The persona allowed Bowie to to “explore and flaunt his own hunger for stardom.” JI As Bowie said, “I became Ziggy Stardust…David Bowie went totally out the window...I got hopelessly lost in the fantasy.’” TL

Ziggy Stardust

Of course, the over-the-top theatrics are part of the reason for the album’s success. This was the first time Bowie’s “vision and execution met in such a grand, sweeping fashion.” AMG He melded a “glitzy array of riffs, hooks, melodrama, and style” AMG into an “off-kilter metallic mix” AMG that, alongside his “arty, theatrical ambitions,” TL made for “the logical culmination of glam.” AMG While Bowie didn’t invent glam, his homage to idols like Marc Bolan and Iggy Pop could be credited for “setting in motion the glam rock movement that echoed from Alice Cooper to Marilyn Manson.” TL


The album’s first single, Starman, served up a heavy dose of Bowie’s “flamboyant imagery and hard-edged pop” JI via a Top of the Pops appearance in which “Bowie, vermilion-haired in a skintight jumpsuit and painted nails, camply slung a provocative arm around Mick Ronson during the guitarist’s solo.” JI Songs like that certainly “provided plenty of stage-worthy moments when Ziggy toured in the ‘70s, but years later they still thrill.” AZ Among other gems are radio favorites like the title cut and Suffragette City They “still serve as solid excursions into the future (then and now) of rock.” AZ

Suffragette City

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