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Michael Franti: Top 40 Songs

Michael Franti

Top 40 Songs

Singer born 4/21/1966 in Oakland, California. His music blends reggae, hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, folk, and rock. He has also been an outspoken advocate for peace and social justice issues. He was born to a white mother and black father and given up for adoption because his mom feared her racist family wouldn’t accept him. He was adopted by Finnish American couple Carole Wisti and Charles Franti. Before launching his solo career (with his backing band Spearhead) in 1994, Franti was with the Beatnigs (1986-90) and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (1991-93).

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Top 40 Songs

Dave’s Music Database lists are determined by song’s appearances on best-of lists, appearances on compilations and live albums by the featured act, and songs’ chart success, sales, radio airplay, streaming, and awards. Songs which hit #1 on various charts are noted. (Click for codes to singles charts.)

DMDB Top 10%:

1. The Sound of Sunshine (2010)
2. Say Hey (I Love You) (2008)

DMDB Top 20%:

3. Everyone Deserves Music (2003)
4. Once a Day (with Sonna Rele, 2015)
5. Hey Hey Hey (No Matter How Life Is Today) (2010)
6. Life Is Better with You (2013)
7. I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) (2013)
8. I Got You (2020)

Beyond the DMDB Top 20%:

9. Sometimes (2001)
10. Nobody Cries Alone (2018)

11. The Flower (with Victoria Canal, 2019)
12. Good Day for a Good Day (2021)
13. 11:59 (2013)
14. This World Is So Fucked Up But I Ain’t Ever Givin’ Up on It (2019)
15. Rock the Nation (2001)
16. Ganja Babe (1997)
17. I’ll Be Waiting (2010)
18. Brighter Day (2022)
19. The Only Thing Missing Was You (2019)
20. People in tha Middle (1994)

21. Stay Human (All the Freaky People) (2001)
22. Good to Be Alive Today (2016)
23. Good Shit Happens (2020)
24. Bomb the World (2003)
25. Light Up Ya Lighter (2006)
26. You’re Number One (2019)
27. Work Hard and Be Nice to People (2020)
28. I’m on Your Side (2020)
29. Hey World (Don’t Give Up) (2008)
30. I Got Love for Ya (2016)

31. Oh My God (2001)
32. I Know I’m Not Alone (2006)
33. Soulshine (2001)
34. Hello Bonjour (2006)
35. Just to Say I Love You (2018)
36. Yes I Will (2003)
37. We Don’t Stop (2003)
38. Hole in the Bucket (1994)
39. Little Things (2019)
40. Love Invincible (2003)

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