Monday, March 15, 2021

Sunday Night Doo Wop Party Radio Show

First posted 3/15/2021.

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Sunday Night Doo Wop Party

In early March of 2021, I got a message from Stuart Weiss, a DJ with He used my Top 100 Doo Wop Songs of All Time list to do a countdown on his show, the Sunday Night Doo Wop Party. He’d already counted down the first half, #100 to #51, and wondered if I’d be interested in doing an interview during the second half countdown (#50 to #1). I’m always eager to talk at length about music with people so happily agreed. The actual interview starts at the 59:40 mark of the second link.

A big thanks to DJ Stu for using my list and a big thanks to his listeners for letting me ramble about music for half an hour. Make sure you check out his show as well as the other DJs at

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