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David Baerwald Hellbound Train, Hard Times, Reckless Boy (2016-2018)

Hellbound Train/Hard Times/Reckless Boy

David Baerwald

Released: 2016-2018

Available on Amazon: March 21, 2021

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Genre: Americana

Tracks (Hellbound Train (2016):

Song Title [time]

  1. Hellbound Train [3:48]
  2. Hi Ho Nobody’s Home [1:52]
  3. John Henry [2:38]
  4. Wayfaring Stranger [4:10]
  5. Omie Wise [3:30]

Tracks (Hard Times (2017):

Song Title [time]

  1. Down in the Willow Garden [3:24]
  2. Deep Ellum Blues [2:53]
  3. Hard Times [3:49]
  4. Banks of the Ohio [3:27]
  5. John Hardy [3:05]
  6. Long Journey Home [2:44]
  7. Pretty Polly [3:42]
  8. Drifting Too Far from the Shore [3:55]

Tracks (Reckless Boy (2018):

Song Title [time]

  1. Devil’s Train [2:18]
  2. Black Water Blues [3:02]
  3. Black Highway Blue [2:18]
  4. Time Is a Hunter [3:23]
  5. Reckless Boy [3:19]
  6. Vile and Blasphemous [3:04]
  7. Darkness Night [3:21]
  8. I’ll Die That Day [3:44]

About the Albums:

After releasing A Fine Mess in 1999, Baerwald went on a long hiatus from releasing a proper album. Here Comes the New Folk Underground dropped in 2002, but was really an abbreviated version of A Fine Mess with three new songs. In 2004, he did release some new material on the Around the Bend soundtrack, but that wasn’t exclusively his work.

In 2016, he dropped the surprise EP Hellbound Train through the A-Tone Recordings label. “All of the tracks on this album are traditional compositions with arrangements by David and…Dr. Steven Trip.” DB1 The title cut was previously featured on A Fine Mess and Here Comes the New Folk Underground, but this version is “much slower and atmospheric.” DB1

Another EP followed in 2017. Hard Times “can almost be considered Hellbound Train part 2,” DB2 considering it traverses the same territory with Baerwald dipping his toe quite convincingly into the Americana pool. Reckless Boy, released under the name The Regulators followed, although it was a collection of originals. DB3 Tracks on the latter are credited ot Baerwald, Dr. Steven Trip, and George Doering, who is “a popular session musician and a member of the bluegrass band, the Brombies.” DB3

This gave Baerwald three EPs in three years after a dozen years of studio inactivity. Collectively, the three essentially serve as a new Baerwald album, although there’s no evidence that it will be released as such. Hellbound Train and Reckless Boy are both available on Spotify and Amazon, however.

All three of these EPs are available through the Extreme Music website (links below), which is “a clearing house for music available to purchase/license for movies, TV, and the web.” DB1

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