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Hooters released Five by Five EP

Five by Five


Released: July 9, 2010

Peak: --

Sales (in millions): --

Genre: rock


Song Title [time]

  1. Pissing in the Rhine [2:37]
  2. Silver Lining [3:54]
  3. One of Us [4:52]
  4. Time After Time [3:46]
  5. Really Fine Wine [3:12]

The Players:

  • Eric Bazilian (vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, saxophone)
  • Rob Hyman (vocals, keyboards, accordion, melodica)
  • John Lilley (guitar, mandolin, dobro, keyboards, backing vocals)
  • Fran Smith Jr. (bass, backing vocals)
  • David Uosikkinen (drums, percussion)


3.767 out of 5.00 (average of 3 ratings)

About the Album:

While this is only a five-song EP, it is a pretty important addition to the Hooters’ discography. The band achieved popularity in the 1980s after Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman both served as players and arrangers on Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 blockbuster She’s So Unusual. The album produced the #1 hit Time After Time, which was written by Hyman and Lauper. While the band have often performed the song and even included a live version on their Hooterization greatest-hits compilation, this is their first studio recording of the song.

After gaining attention because of Lauper, the Hooters had three top-40 hits of their own from their 1985 Nervous Night album. Four of the five players from that album are featured in this, the 2010 lineup. The fifth player, Fran Smith, Jr., came on board in 1987. That lineup made three more studio albums with One Way Home (1987), Zig Zag (1989), and Out of Body (1993) before going on hiatus.

Unlike so many reunions, however, when the band returned in 2007 for the Time Stand Still album, it was a genuine return of the same guys who’d made those aforementioned albums. That same quintet came back in 2010 to record this EP.

In the interim, Bazilian released a pair of solo albums and wrote or co-wrote songs for a slew of artists. The most notable song from that era was One of Us, a song recorded by Joan Osborne for her 1995 album Relish. The clever lyrics mused about “what if God was one of us.” The song reached the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and garnered three Grammy nominations. Like “Time After Time,” the Hooters have often performed the song live. Bazilian recorded it as an unlisted bonus track on his 2000 album The Optimist. It makes its first appearance as a studio recording by the Hooters on Five by Five.

While EP’s are typically placeholders to keep fans happy while prepping a full-fledged studio album, that wasn’t the case here. The Hooters did come back in 2012 to record the song If I Should Fall Behind, but as of this writing, they had yet to return to the studio to record a full-fledged album. However, the inclusion of “Time After Time” and “One of Us” on this set makes this an essential part of a Hooters library.

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