Monday, May 10, 2004

In Concert: David Bowie

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Venue: Starlight Theater; Kansas City, MO

The Set List:

1. Rebel Rebel
2. New Killer Star
3. Battle for Britain (The Letter)
4. Cactus (Pixies cover)
5. Fashion
6. All the Young Dudes (Bowie wrote it, but Mott the Hoople made it famous)
7. China Girl
8. Pablo Picasso * (Modern Lovers cover)
9. Fame
10. The Loneliest Guy
11. The Man Who Sold the World
12. Breaking Glass *
13. Be My Wife *
14. Hallo Spaceboy
15. Sunday
16. Heathen (The Rays)
17. Under Pressure
18. Days
19. Changes *
20. The Supermen
21. Ashes to Ashes
22. Quicksand
23. White Light, White Heat (Velvet Underground cover)
24. Heroes

25. Station to Station *
26. Suffragette City
27. Ziggy Stardust

So, here’s the breakdown of what Bowie played and from what albums they came.

1970: The Man Who Sold the World: title cut, The Supermen
1971: Hunky Dory: Changes, Quicksand
1972: Ziggy Stardust…: title cut, Suffragette City
1973: Ziggy Stardust – The Motion Picture (live): All the Young Dudes, White Light White Heat
1974: Diamond Dogs: Rebel Rebel
1975: Young Americans: Fame
1976: Station to Station: title cut
1977: Low: Breaking Glass, Be My Wife
1977: Heroes: title cut
1980: Scary Monsters and Super Creeps: Fashion, Ashes to Ashes
1981: Under Pressure (single with Queen) – first on Queen’s Greatest Hits
1983: Let’s Dance: China Girl
1995: Outside: Hallo Spaceboy
1997: Earthling: Battle for Britain (The Letter)
2002: Heathen: Cactus, Sunday, Heathen (The Rays)
2003: Reality: New Killer Star, Pablo Picasso, The Loneliest Guy, Days

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