Monday, September 21, 1998

Marillion Radiation released



Released: September 21, 1998

Peak: -- US, 35 UK, -- CN, -- AU

Sales (in millions): --

Genre: neo-progressive rock


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  1. Costa del Slough [1:24]
  2. Under the Sun [4:13]
  3. The Answering Machine [3:48]
  4. Three Minute Boy [5:59]
  5. Now She'll Never Know [4:59]
  6. These Chains [4:49] (9/21/98, 78 UK)
  7. Born to Run [5:12]
  8. Cathedral Wall [7:19]
  9. A Few Words for the Dead [10:31]

All songs written by Hogarth/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley.

The Players:

  • Steve Hogarth (vocals, percussion)
  • Steve Rothery (guitar)
  • Pete Trewavas (bass)
  • Mark Kelly (keyboards)
  • Ian Mosley (drums)


2.958 out of 5.00 (average of 20 ratings)

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About the Album:

After the more “acoustic approach of This Strange Engine, Marillion turns back toward the heavier sound of Afraid of Sunlight.” AMG They “decided to experiment with different instrument tones, vocal effects, samples…and the like.” WK The album was “arguably influenced by Radiohead's 1997 album OK ComputerAMG but “also shows a Beatles sound that lends more of a pop flavor than the band had shown before.” AMG

“They also tried a different approach to mixing that left the recording often sounding flat and tinny. The entire album was significantly remixed in 2013 to give a different perspective and rectify many of those complaints.” WK

Answering Machine, These Chains and Under the Sun are appealing tracks, while Three Minute Boy, yet another Marillion examination of the impact of fame, contains some of Steve Rothery's best guitar work in years.” AMG

This was the second of three albums Marillion released through Castle Communications after they were dropped by EMI in 1995. The group would eventually turn to crowd-funding to allow themselves to finance albums before they even began recording and released them independently.

It’s also worth noting that two songs from the sessions – Tumble Down the Years and Interior Lulu – were recorded and mixed but left off the album. They were added on Marillion’s 1999 release

Notes: The album was also released with alternate version of "Estonia" and "Memory of Water" (both from This Strange Engine). A 2013 reissue added a remix version of the album on a second disc.

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