Tuesday, September 11, 1979

Foreigner released Head Games

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Head Games


Released: September 11, 1979

Peak: 5 US, -- UK, 5 CN, 45 AU

Sales (in millions): 5.0 US, -- UK, 6.5 world (includes US and UK)

Genre: classic rock


Song Title (Writers) [time] (date of single release, chart peaks) Click for codes to singles charts.

  1. Dirty White Boy (9/8/79, 12 US, 6 CL, 14 CN)
  2. Love on the Telephone
  3. Women (2/16/80, 41 US, 16 CL, 82 CN)
  4. I’ll Get Even with You
  5. Seventeen
  6. Head Games (11/10/79, 14 US, 6 CL, 14 CN)
  7. The Modern Day
  8. Blinded by Science
  9. Do What You Like
  10. Rev on the Red Line (44 CL)

Total Running Time: 38:12

The Players:

  • Lou Gramm (vocals, percussion)
  • Mick Jones (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
  • Ian McDonald (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards)
  • Al Greenwood (keyboards)
  • Dennis Elliott (drums)
  • Rick Wills (bass)


3.195 out of 5.00 (average of 8 ratings)

About the Album:

While Head Games didn’t quite match the lofty heights of Foreigner’s debut or Double Vision, it didn’t miss by much. It was the group’s third top-10, multi-platinum album and generated two top-20 hits.

The album marked the debut of Rick Wills as the new bassist after Ed Gagliardi was fired from the band. Wills had formerly been with Jokers Wild and Small Faces. The album was also mark the finale for founding members Ian McDonald and Al Greenwood, who left the group after recording the album.

The album was preceded by the “thunderous hard rock song” WK Dirty White Boy as the first single. The title cut followed as the second single. However, after eight top-40 hits over three albums, Foreigner finally missed the mark with the third single from Double Vision. Women peaked just outside the top 40 at #41.

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