Sunday, July 31, 2016

Song of the Year, 1900-2016

This page was created to get snapshots of each year and its big hit songs. However, the task became cumbersome and was better served as part of individual decade pages. As such, you can find the “Song of the Year” winners by clicking on any of the badges below:

These are the year-end awards noted on the pages above:
  • BB: Billboard magazine song of the year
  • CB: Cashbox song of the year, 1950-1996
  • DM: Dave’s Music Database
  • EG: Gardner, Edward Foote. Popular Songs of the Twentieth Century (book)
  • G-R: Grammy for Record of the Year
  • G-S: Grammy for Song of the Year
  • MJ: Mojo magazine song of the year, 1955-2005. Based on aggregated Mojo lists.
  • VF:
  • NME: NME magazine song of the year, 1953-2008. Based on aggregation of NME lists and year-end lists.
  • PC:
  • Q: Q magazine, 1954-2013. Determined by year-end polls and highest-ranked song on aggregate of Q lists.
  • RS: Rolling Stone magazine, determined by year-end polls and highest-ranked song on aggregate of RS lists.
  • SS: Sullivan, Steve. Top 100 Songs from 1897-1956
  • TS: TSORT Song of the Year, 1900-1949
  • JW: Whitburn, Joel. A Century of Pop Music, 1900-1999 (book)

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