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Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Memory of Bob Welch / Top 50 Songs by Fleetwood Mac & Solo Offshoots

Bob Welch, left, with Fleetwood Mac
image from classicrockmagazine.com

Bob Welch, a guitarist and vocalist with Fleetwood Mac from 1971-74, committed suicide this week. He shot himself in his home in Nashville on June 8 at about 12:15pm. He had experienced health problems in recent months.

Ebony Eyes (Bob Welch, 1977)

Welch joined Fleetwood Mac at a time when they were transitioning from their original British blues sound to the eventual California pop-rock approach which garnered the band its greatest success from 1975 on when Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham came on board. Other members over the years have included Mick Fleetwood (drums, 1967-present), John McVie (bass, 1967-present), Peter Green (guitar, 1967-70), Jeremy Spencer (guitar, 1967-71), Danny Kirwan (guitar, 1968-72), Christine McVie (keyboards and vocals, 1968-97), Bob Welch (guitar and vocals (1971-74), Bob Weston (guitar, 1972-73), Dave Walker (guitar, 1972-73), Lindsey Buckingham (guitar and vocals, 1975-87, 1997-present), Stevie Nicks (vocals, 1975-93, 1997-present), Billy Burnette (guitar and vocals (1987-93), Rick Vito (guitar and vocal, 1987-91), Bekka Bramlett (vocals, 1993-95), and Dave Mason (vocals and percussion, 1993-95).

With so many members over the years, the time seemed right to do a list celebrating not just the best songs from Fleetwood Mac, but the top songs from the various members’ solo outings as well. As always, DMDB lists are determined by combining sales and chart figures along with awards and appearances on best-of lists. Welch has two solo songs on the list.

Top 50 Songs by Fleetwood Mac & Solo Offshoots

Albatross (1968)

1. Dreams (1977) DMDB 1000
2. Go Your Own Way (1976) DMDB 1000
3. Don’t Stop (1977)
4. Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win) (1975)
5. You Make Loving Fun (1977)

Oh Well (1969)

6. Tusk (1979)
7. Albatross (1968)
8. Gypsy (1982)
9. Sara (1979)
10. Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks, 1981)

Landslide (1975)

11. Landslide (1975)
12. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, 1981)
13. We Just Disagree (Dave Mason, 1977)
14. Little Lies (1987)
15. Say You Love Me (1975)

Go Your Own Way (1976)

16. Hold Me (1982)
17. Leather and Lace (Stevie Nicks with Don Henley, 1981)
18. Whenever I Call You “Friend” (Kenny Loggins with Stevie Nicks, 1978)
19. Everywhere (1987)
20. Over My Head (1975)

Dreams (1977)

21. Got a Hold on Me (Christine McVie, 1984)
22. Oh Well (1969)
23. Stand Back (Stevie Nicks, 1983)
24. Big Love (1987)
25. Gold (John Stewart with Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham, 1979)

26. Trouble (Lindsey Buckingham, 1981)
27. Talk to Me (Stevie Nicks, 1985)
28. Rooms on Fire (Stevie Nicks, 1989)
29. The Chain (1977)
30. Black Magic Woman (1968)

Edge of Seventeen (1981)

31. Seven Wonders (1987)
32. Save Me (1990)
33. Silver Springs (1977)
34. I Can’t Wait (Stevie Nicks, 1985)
35. As Long As You Follow (1988)

Trouble (1981)

36. Ebony Eyes (Bob Welch, 1977)
37. If Anyone Falls (Stevie Nicks, 1983)
38. Sentimental Lady (Bob Welch, 1977)
39. Love Will Show Us How (Christine McVie, 1984)
40. A Love in Store (1982)

Hold Me (1982)

41. Sometimes It’s a Bitch (Stevie Nicks, 1991)
42. Needles and Pins (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers with Stevie Nicks, 1985)
43. Nighbird (Stevie Nicks, 1983)
44. Precious Love (Bob Welch, 1979)
45. Think about Me (1979)

Got a Hold on Me (1984)

46. Go Insane (Lindsey Buckingham, 1984)
47. Gold Dust Woman (1977)
48. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You? (Stevie Nicks, 1985)
49. After the Glitter Fades (Stevie Nicks, 1982)
50. Midnight Wind (John Stewart with Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham, 1979)

Big Love (1987)


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  1. One Peter Green selection? No "Man Of The World"? Nothing from Kirwan or Spencer?

    1. Yeah, the unfortunate result of doing these lists is that the more familiar material rises to the top. I compile them based on sales, chart success, awards, and myriads of best-of lists. While lists sometimes honor lesser known songs, they are more likely to acknowledge the tried and true.

      In the case of this list, the 1967-74 era of Fleetwood Mac is barely represented. Had I continued the list to a top 100, it would have also included "Hypnotized" (#62), "Sentimental Lady" (70), "Man of the World" (77), "The Green Manalishi with the Two-Prong Crown" (78), "Need Your Love So Bad" (91), "Heroes Are Hard to Find" (97), and "Come a Little Bit Closer" (99).