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Jack White: Top 50 Songs

Jack White

Top 50 Songs

Rock singer and guitarist Jack White was born John Anthony Gillis on 7/9/1975 in Detroit, Michigan. He first made his name with ex-wife Meg White in the White Stripes, one of the prominent garage rock revival bands of the early 21st century. He went on to form the Raconteurs and the The Dead Weather before starting his solo career.

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Top 50 Songs

Dave’s Music Database lists are determined by song’s appearances on best-of lists as well as chart success, sales, radio airplay, streaming, and awards. Songs which hit #1 on various charts are noted. (Click for codes to singles charts.)

DMDB Top 1%:

1. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes, 2003)

DMDB Top 5%:

2. Fell in Love with a Girl (The White Stripes, 2001)

DMDB Top 10%:

3. Steady, As She Goes (The Raconteurs, 2006)
4. Icky Thump (The White Stripes, 2007)
5. Blue Orchid (The White Stripes, 2005)
6. Hotel Yorba (The White Stripes, 2001)
7. My Doorbell (The White Stripes, 2005)
8. Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground (The White Stripes, 2001)
9. Hardest Button to Button (The White Stripes, 2003)
10. Sixteen Saltines (Jack White, 2012)

DMDB Top 20%:

11. Lazaretto (Jack White, 2014)
12. Love Interruption (Jack White, 2012)
13. Portland, Oregon (Loretta Lynn with Jack White, 2004)
14. I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself (The White Stripes, 2003)
15. We’re Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes, 2001)
16. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) (The White Stripes, 2007)
17. Conquest (The White Stripes, 2007)
18. Ball and Biscuit (The White Stripes, 2003)
19. The Denial Twist (The White Stripes, 2005)
20. I’m Shakin’ (Jack White, 2012)

21. Jolene (The White Stripes, 2000)
22. Level (The Raconteurs, 2006)
23. Salute Your Salution (The Raconteurs, 2008)
24. Two Against One (Danger Mouse with Jack White, 2011)
25. Another Way to Die (Jack White with Alicia Keys, 2008)

Beyond the DMDB Top 20%:

26. Connected by Love (Jack White, 2018)
27. Hello Operator (The White Stripes, 2000)
28. Help Me Stranger (The Raconteurs, 2019)
29. The Big Three Killed My Baby (The White Stripes, 1999)
30. Over and Over and Over (Jack White, 2018)

31. Many Shades of Black (The Raconteurs, 2008)
32. I Cut Like a Buffalo (The Dead Weather, 2009)
33. Die by the Drop (The Dead Weather, 2010)
34. Hands (The Raconteurs, 2006)
35. Freedom at 21 (Jack White, 2012)
36. Love Is Selfish (Jack White, 2022)
37. Now That You’re Gone (The Raconteurs, 2018)
38. Would You Fight for My Love? (Jack White, 2014)
39. Treat Me Like Your Mother (The Dead Weather, 2009)
40. Old Enough (The Raconteurs, 2008)

41. I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) (The Dead Weather, 2015)
42. Love Is Blindness (Jack White, 2011)
43. Taking Me Back (Jack White, 2021)
44. I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman (The White Stripes, 2001)
45. There’s No Home for You Here (The White Stripes, 2003)
46. Let’s Shake Hands (The White Stripes, 1998)
47. Black Math (The White Stripes, 2003)
48. Hypocritical Kiss (Jack White, 2012)
49. You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Jack White & the Electric Mayhem, 2016)
50. One More Cup of Coffee (The White Stripes, 1999)

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