Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Bob Walkenhorst released A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

Bob Walkenhorst

Released: June 1, 2021

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Genre: roots rock


Song Title [time] (single/video release date)

  1. Happy Enough [3:15] (1/16/20, --)
  2. Sugartree [4:15] (Feb. 2020, --)
  3. Wrapping Around [3:56] (Mar. 2020, --)
  4. This Is the Darkness [3:56] (4/21/20, --)
  5. Indigo Wind [4:11] (7/11/20, --)
  6. Blue Satellites [3:43]
  7. In the Middle Distance [5:19] (5/15/20, --)
  8. Secret Life [3:46] (9/26/20, --)
  9. Back to Mono [3:11] (8/15/20, --)
  10. Day After Tomorrow [3:43]
  11. Much Obliged [3:58] (12/15/20, --)
  12. Shenandoah [4:09] (8/26/16 --)
  13. Irene’s Interlude [0:52]
  14. Autumn Song [3:13] (1977, --)
  15. Burgers [2:05] (1977, --)
  16. Winter Dreams [3:57] (1977, --)
  17. Remarkable [3:11] (5/24/12, --)
  18. When We Say Goodbye [3:06] (1977, --)


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About the Album:

On his website, Bob Walkenhorst explains that all of these songs were written and recorded in 2020. As he says, “You can hear the echoes of that difficult year in a lot of these songs. Sometimes very directly, like on This is the Darkness and Day After Tomorrow, which address the pandemic, the national election, the protests in our streets.” BW

While Bob says these were all written in 2020, some date back farther. Autumn Song has a video posted on YouTube of Bob performing the song in 2013. ES1 According to Discogs.com, that song as well as Burgers, Winter Dreams, and When We Say Goodbye were all on the Walkenhorst Brothers’ album The Last Adventure, released in 1977.

Shenandoah dates back to at least 2016 when Bob performed it at a house concert in Norway. ES2 Similarly, a video on YouTube of Remarkable was released in 2016 on Spare Vol. 2, a collection mostly of stripped-down versions of previously-released Rainmakers and Walkenhorst songs. It also dates back to at least 2006 when Bob performed it at the Record Bar in Kansas City.

Bob said other songs grew out of “the places we found comfort - home, memory, family – Sugartree, Wrapping Around, Much Obliged.” BW Bob also says on his website that some of these songs grew out of “the needed fun of rockin’ out a bit” BW such as Back to Mono and Indigo Wind.

Many of these songs were initially released via Patreon and videos have subsequently been posted on YouTube. Dates of single releases listed above reflect when those songs were first made available via Patreon. As explained at BobWalkenhorst.com, the service allows listeners to sign up for a $5.00 monthly subscription to directly support the artist and get access to a dozen songs and ten videos from 2020, plus a new song every month. The below videos have been posted on YouTube:

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