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KISS: Top 20 Songs

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In 2011, I wrote a blog post arguing why KISS belonged in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (read here). I pointed out that while I wasn’t a fan of the band, they absolutely fit the credentials to be in the Hall and that it was unfortunate that politics were getting in the way. Three years later, the Hall finally decided to listen to me (yeah, I’m sure I’m the reason). In honor of KISS being inducted into the Hall, I present to you the DMDB’s list of the Top 20 KISS songs. This is a melding of multiple factors, including appearances on multiple best-of lists, sales figures, chart data, and which tracks show up most often on KISS compilations. KISS fans, rejoice. Your band is finally in the Hall. Now you can rock and roll all night and party every day in celebration.

Rock and Roll All Nite

KISS: Their Top 20 Songs

  1. Rock and Roll All Nite (1975)
  2. Beth (1976)
  3. Detroit Rock City (1976)
  4. I Was Made for Lovin’ You (1979)
  5. Shout It Out Loud (1976)
  6. Calling Dr. Love (1976)
  7. Lick It Up (1983)
  8. Hard Luck Woman (1976)
  9. Christine Sixteen (1977)
  10. Heaven’s on Fire (1984)


  11. Forever (1989)
  12. Love Gunn (1977)
  13. Deuce (1974)
  14. Shandi (1980)
  15. Strutter (1974)
  16. Sure Know Something (1979)
  17. Reason to Live (1987)
  18. I Love It Loud (1982)
  19. God Gave Rock and Roll to You II (1991)
  20. Tears Are Falling (1985)


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