Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Doo-Wop Jukebox Hall of Fame

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While the website says “this new Hall of Fame” will have inductees who “will be chosen by a Board of Directors,” the site looks dated and more like a one-person operation. It includes both song and group inductees. There is no indication of when the Hall was started or if it is still around.

Listed below are the groups who have been inducted. Groups are awkwardly categorized as Aces (the absolute best of the best), Kings (just as good, but they can’t all be first), Queens (the last of your favorite groups), and Jacks (as the various members see it). Here are the inductees:

  • Lee Andrews & the Hearts (King)
  • The Blue Notes (Jack)
  • The Cadillacs (King)
  • The Channels (King)
  • The Chantels (Ace)
  • The Cleftones (King)
  • The Clovers (King)
  • The Coasters (Jack)
  • The Crests (King)
  • The Dell Vikings (Queen)
  • The Dells (King)
  • Dion & the Belmonts (King)
  • The Dominos (Queen)
  • The Drifters (King)
  • The Dubs (Ace)
  • The Duprees (Queen)
  • The Fascinators (Jack)
  • The Five Keys (Ace)
  • The Five Satins (King)
  • The Flamingos (Ace)
  • The Harptones (Ace)
  • The Heartbeats (Ace)
  • The Jesters (Queen)
  • The Jive Five (Jack)
  • Lil’ Anthony & the Imperials (King)
  • Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers (Queen)
  • The Marcels (King)
  • The Moonglows (Ace)
  • The Nutmegs (Queen)
  • The Orioles (King)
  • The Paragons (King)
  • The Platters (Ace)
  • The Ravens (Jack)
  • The Shells (Jack)
  • The Skyliners (Ace)
  • The Solitaires (Queen)
  • The Spaniels (Ace)
  • The Students (Queen)
  • The Swallows (Jack)
  • The Valentines (Queen)
  • The Vibrations (Queen)


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