Tuesday, May 5, 1992

House of Pain “Jump Around” released

Jump Around

House of Pain

Writer(s): Lawrence Muggerud, Erik Schrody (see lyrics here)

Released: May 5, 1992

First Charted: June 27, 1992

Peak: 3 US, 3 CB, 14 RB, 8 UK, 45 CN, 15 AU, 12 DF (Click for codes to charts.)

Sales (in millions): 1.0 US, 0.6 UK, 1.93 world (includes US + UK)

Airplay/Streaming (in millions): -- radio, 160.9 video, 418.89 streaming


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About the Song:

House of Pain was comprised of MCs Everlast (Erik Schrody) and Danny Boy (Dan O’Conner) along with DJ Lethal (Leor Dimant). They came out of the same underground Los Angeles scene as Cypress Hill. In fact, DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill produced House of Pain’s “enduring anthem” TB “Jump Around.” He said he originally produced the beat for Cypress Hill, but rapper B-Real wasn’t interested in recording it. Then it was offered to Ice Cube before finally getting to House of Pain. WK

While “Jump Around” proved to be a one-hit wonder for the rap trio, it became a “raucous party jam that still, years after its release, can ramp up the energy on any dancefloor.” TB NME’s Johnny Dee said it “makes your body feel as if it was possessed by a jumping bean.” WK In the UK it is “widely regarded…as a club classic.” WK

The song is best known for the high-pitched squealing that “appears at the beginning of almost every bar – 66 times in the course of the recording.” WK Different sources say the squeal comes from Prince’s scream in his 1991 song “Gett Off” or the saxophone in Junior Walker & the All Stars’ “Shoot Your Shot.” Everlast said a horn makes the sound, not Prince. He also said it samples Divine Styler’s “Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin,’ which samples ‘Shoot Your Shot.’” WK It has been suggested, however, that Everlast may have said that simply to avoid the high price tag of paying Prince for the sample. SF Meanwhile, DJ Muggs says it didn’t come from Prince or Junior Walker. WK

About.com’s Bill Lambsaid the song suggested that “the marriage of edgy rock and hip-hop could actually become a thing.” WK His words proved prophetic as Everlast went on to have a solo career with alternative-rock favorites “What It’s Like” and “Ends” while DJ Lethal became a member of rap-rock group Limp Bizkit.


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