About Dave’s Music Database

Dave’s Music Database, or The DMDb for short, is devoted to the collection, consolidation, and promotion of music-related best-of lists. It is the place for anyone who loves rating, ranking, reviewing, ranting, and reading about favorite albums, songs, acts, and other things music related.

About Dave Whitaker

I started the DMDB as a website to feed my music obsession. The blog, launched in January 2009, has amassed more than 5 million hits and the accompanying Facebook page has fans in more than 40 countries. I’ve authored more than twenty books, music-related and otherwise (see the full list at WritbyWhit.com) and wrote a music column for PopMatters.com entitled “Aural Fixation.” I’ve also maintained a Classic Albums Meetup group since 2019 and launched the Dave’s Music Database podcast in 2021. See my blogger profile here.

Best-Of Lists

This site features hundreds of best-of lists divided into acts, albums, songs, and media. Lists may focus on specific genres, eras, publications, critics, or personal favorites.


Launched in June 2021, the Dave’s Music Database podcast airs via Spotify and has reached listeners in over 100 countries. Episodes typically key in on one of the best-of lists presented at DavesMusicDatabase.com, offering insight into highlighted songs.


Some of the lists from this site have resulted in books such as The Top 100 Albums of All Time or The Top 100 Songs of the Rock Era, 1954-1999. I have appeared on television (see it here), radio (hear it here), and at book stores, bars, and libraries to promote my books. Check the books link to learn about each book and how to order them. For a complete list of titles by Dave Whitaker, music-related and otherwise, check out WritbyWhit.com or the David L. Whitaker author page at Amazon.com.

Other Writing

Aural Fixation” is a music-themed column I wrote for PopMatters.com from 2011-2013 which grew out of essays I wrote for the DMDB blog from 2009 to 2011. They’ve been reformatted here at the DMDB blog with additional videos, photos, and links, such as where to buy referenced albums. You can purchase the essays in book format here.

At the request of the Library of Congress, I also wrote a piece in 2022 about Kenny Loggins’ song “Footloose,” a 2017 inductee into the National Recording Registry. You can read it here.

Hall of Fame

January 22, 2019 marked the 10-year anniversary of the DMDB blog. To honor that, Dave’s Music Database announced its own Hall of Fame with the intent to significant music makers, albums, and songs on a monthly basis.

DMDB Music Maker Encyclopedia

The online DMDB Music Maker Encyclopedia covers thousands of “music makers” (recording artists, songwriters, producers, etc.) and their significant albums and songs – as well as lists on which they appear. There are thousands of links to more detailed DMDB pages about acts, albums, and songs.


Check out birthdays for every day of the year for notable music makers, including musicians, songwriters, producers, record executives, and others associated with music.

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