About Dave's Music Database:

Dave’s Music Database, or The DMDb for short, is devoted to the collection, consolidation, and promotion of music-related best-of lists. It is the place for anyone who loves rating, ranking, reviewing, ranting, and reading about favorite albums, songs, acts, and other things music-related.

About Dave Whitaker:

I launched the DMDB originally as a website to feed my music obsession. It branched out into a Facebook page, this blog, and writing. On the latter, I have appeared on television (see it here), radio (hear it here), and at book stores, bars, and libraries. I am a National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) winner, a former PopMatters music columnist (Aural Fixation), and author of several music-related books. To learn more, check out the About page at WritbyWhit.com.


DavesMusicDatabase.com features an online encyclopedia of hundreds of music makers, an extensive database of music makers’ birthdays, and over 1500 album reviews.


You are here! Much of the content which originated on the website has been revised and moved to the blog. As of the end of 2017, the blog had over 1 million hits. The DMDB Blog offers musically-related best-of lists, an index of “on this date” snapshots in musical history, and music-related essays.


With fans in 40 countries, the DMDB Facebook page offers a chance to interact with music fans internationally. Regular posts relate to best-of lists, music makers’ birthdays, and music history.


Dave wrote the music column “Aural Fixation” for PopMatters from 2011-13 and has published several books under the DMDB banner.
Check the books link to learn about each book and how to order them. For a complete list of titles by Dave Whitaker, music-related and otherwise, check out WritbyWhit.com or the David L. Whitaker author page at Amazon.com.
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