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Will Bob Dylan’s Tempest join his other 13 albums in the top 1000 of all time?

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Bob Dylan has 13 albums in the DMDB’s list of the top 1000 of all time. Four of them are in the top 100. In many cases, even the most successful artists’ works come in the early part of their careers. That would seem to be the case with Dylan – 8 of his top 1000 albums were recorded in the 1960s. The next decade saw only two albums join that list.

However, Dylan had an unusual career revival more than 35 years after his first album. In 1997, Time Out of Mind joined the ranks of Dylan’s albums rated in the top 1000 of all time – and won the Grammy for Album of the Year. His next two albums, 2001’s Love and Theft and 2006’s Modern Times, have also secured spots in the top 1000 list.

Now 71 years old, Dylan releases Tempest, his 35th studio album in fifty years. Will it join the ranks of his other classic works? The Telegraph’s Neil McCormick called it “among his best ever” WK while Rolling Stone’s Mika Gilmore went so far as to suggest it might be the greatest album of Dylan’s career. PM Will Hermes, also from Rolling Stone, gave the album 5 out of 5 stars. WK American Songwriter’s Jim Beviglia’s called it “the kind of meaty offering that [Dylan’s] most ardent fans desire most.” WK

The New York Times says that “like Mr. Dylan’s other 21st-century albums, Tempest feels live and rootsy, vamping along in the zone where blues, country, and folk intersect.” NY Paste called it “one of the most cohesive, musically and lyrically intense records he’s put together in years.” PM In his Los Angeles Times review, Randall Roberts wrote, “Few American writers, save Mark Twain, have spoken so eloquently and consistently at such a stead, honest clip.” LA

Duquesne Whistle

Only time will tell if Tempest achieves the same classic status as the baker’s dozen of Dylan albums which rank in the top 1000 of all time. It looks to be off to a good start, though.

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